Ways to Use Page Level Adsense Ads On Blogger

Ways to Use Page Level Adsense Ads On Blog writer

f Page-level ads are enabled on your Adsense account, you can start displaying Anchor/overlay and vignette ads on your blog site.

Anchor/overlay advertisements are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are quickly dismissable.

Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be easily dismissed by your users.

Below is an example of an overlay ad:

Function of Page-level ads

Don’t count to your 3 ads per page limit
Only display screen on mobile-optimized websites
You can utilize the exact same ad code on all your pages
Created by Google with users in mind
Optimized to assist increase earnings

Ways to Add Overlay and Vignette Adsense Advertisements To Blogspot Blog

== > Sign in to your Adsense account
== > Go to” My Ads” > Page-level ads

= > Allow the advertisement formats that you want to utilize.
== > Click “Get code”

You can utilize the code listed below and replace the publisher ID (bolded) if your template fails to conserve after including the code:

<script async=’async’ src=’’/>
< script async=’async’ src=’’/ >( adsbygoogle =window.adsbygoogle push (google_ad_client: “ca-pub-123456789”,.
enable_page_level_ads: true. )

== > Check in to your blogger dashboard.
== > Go to “Template” > “Modify HTML”.
== > Click inside the html and use CTRL F on your keyboard to discover <head>
== > Paste the code straight under the <head>
== > Save the Design template.

You’ll need to utilize the preview tool to examine that they’re working correctly because AdSense only shows Page-level ads on your site at optimal times. Follow the directions at the bottom of the “Page-level ads” page to check your ads.

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