Why You Need To Use Google Webmaster Tools

Why You Need To Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a web-based tool for assessing most of the data about their Website/Blog, used by millions of bloggers.

Many bloggers and webmasters us webmaster Tools, but a lot of them don’t understand do you know the abilities of Google Webmaster Tools and what’s Webmaster Tools.

This informative article will guide you through each of the objects which can be achieved through this internet tool supplied free of charge by our favourite search engine, Google .

This internet tool will not reveal the traffic stats of a site, instead it reveals the quantity of clicks on a particular link of your site in the search engine . Other relevant stats and the traffic are revealed in the Google Analytics that’s also an additional free service provided by Google.

This is essential for each blogger as it helps us to enhance our website and its own functionality in the various search engines to utilize this service.

Sitemap Entry

It’s really quite crucial as it can certainly assist the search engines to index our site and all its link readily .

Sitemap Entry is a good means to get lots of optimization through a procedure that is quick.

Search Queries

This section of the Webmaster Tools supply us with the search terms that are performing well for our site . It reveals a listing of queries that are bringing the maximum organic traffic to us. Inside my situation, my best performing key word is QADABRA REVIEW’. It’s an excellent search result standing between 4 and 1.

I just came to know of such an excellent thing once I began using Google Webmaster Tools I did after a number of years. Now , it’s shifting on occasion .

Crawl Malfunctions

So , you’re losing lots of targeted visitors by means of this malfunction . Google Webmaster Tools reveals us all the pages and posts which are revealing the 404 error .

So, it becomes simple for all of us to correct it if it will not exist, and redirect that page.


Google Webmaster Tools additionally makes it possible to find the amount of backlinks that your site has got out. All those links available on the web pointing towards your site/site will soon be recorded here with every detail .

Backlinks are required for a site to be a favorite one . Client Blogging , Remarking , etc are some great means to get many of backlinks .

Malware Checking Account

Malware is some contagious things which may destroy your site or virus as good as other people who see your site. As it’s seen malware ought to be taken away immediately. But , to see it , you should need to Make Use Of Google Webmaster Tools or another Malware checker accessible over the internet .

A Malware affected Website can eventually be a website with zero visitors within one nighttime . So, it’s crucial that you check in case your site is including some other areas that may be crawled by search engines or any malware scripts in the widgets.

Ordered Information

Ordered Information is a style of making search engines understand more about the way all the pags and posts are categorized and your site is. You could have seen in the search results that a number of the search results have an alternative kind of look thereby raising the focus that result gets .

Webmaster Tools is important to form a structured information markup for your site/web site. Ordered Information Markup might be optimized via the Data Highlighter . Then you certainly can form one using the Information highlighter in case your web site don’t have a Structured Data.

HTML Development

Google Webmaster Tools additionally has a characteristic which reveals all the mistakes in your HTML Website or Blogger Template . We should all make an effort to boost our site as much as we can.

Using Webmaster Tools additionally lets you enhance the HTML of your web site so enhancing the entire site.

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