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The best ways to Activat Verve Cards For Online Transactions at Nigeria ATMs

If one of the Nigerian banks that provide verve cards issued one to you, you can utilize the card to spend for online transactions just if you have registered it for the Interswitch safetoken service. This is a system that creates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated by means of the Interswitch Web Payment Platform.

Signing up for the Safetoken enables you perform deals on any web merchant website that has incorporated the Interswitch Payment entrance using a One Time Password (OTP) as a 2nd level authentication procedure in addition to your Card Number, PIN and CVV2 code.

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For you to be able create OTP for your verve card whenever you are carrying out a transaction with it, you will initially have to register it for the safetoken service.

You can do that at a nearest ATM by following the steps listed below:

== > At the ATM, place your Verve card
== > Input your 4-digit PIN and press Get in
== > Select your checking account type eg Savings or Current
== > Select the ‘Quickteller’ alternative from the ATM menu screen
== > Select ‘Pay Costs’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
== > Select ‘Others’ for the expense payment menu choice list
== > Get in ‘322222″ as the Biller Code
== > Enter your Telephone number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’.
== > You will get a display screen “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Fee: N1. (DO NOT modify the total up to be paid).
== > Click on “Pay amount due”.

You will then get a verification page showing the registration achieved success.

That’s all.

Thereafter, if you wish to pay online with your verve card and you get to a stage where you are prompted to get in an OTP, you will get the OTP via SMS which you will use to finish your online deal.

If you add the verve card to the Quickteller mobile application, you will likewise have the ability to generate an OTP from the application.

You can check out methods you can produce OTP for your transactions here.

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